Tips for little Piggy Owners

I would like to talk about litter box training.

Teacup pigs are not cats so the litter box training is (really) training but you are the one that will get trained. Cats will go in anything where they can bury there waste that’s natural. Their instinct is to cover it up. I have always laughed when I see ads for kittens that are litter box trained. All they need to know is where the box is.

Pigs on the other hand if given the chance would rather go outside and that is natural for them. So it does require some training. The first thing to know is not to use cat litter. Pigs have a tendency to taste things. Cat litter is clay base and will stop them up. The best thing to use is pure pine pellets. These can be bought at a feed store or some place that sells bedding for horse stalls. If that is not available then pine shavings will work. Don’t use something with a deodorizer in it. That could make your piggy sick. You won’t need it anyway because pig waste does not have as strong of an order as cat waste. is a good post to read about educating yourself before hand when getting pig.

When you get a piggy from Ms Joyce she starts them off in a playpen with a litter box in it. Hopefully when you get yours you will start with a playpen also (refer to my first article). The next step is a small room like a bath room. A room with no carpet is best in case of an accident. Put it close to the door because they will stand there the most at first so they can see what’s going on in the rest of the house. If the piggy uses it there then move it gradually to a corner out of the way. If you move it and they go where it was at first then put it back for a day or two more(be patience). If the piggy goes some place other than the box then pick up the poop and put it in the box and place the box where the piggy has gone. It also would be a good idea to soak up some urine on a paper towel and put it in the box. You can also rub it on the inside of the box the more scent in the box the better. Pigs have a sensitive nose and the order in the box is important. Unlike cats little pigs will tell you where they want there box. It will usually be in a corner or in the most private place in the room outside they like to go in the bushes. Maybe they are just shy. You may have to move it a few times to get it where they want it. The older they get the less picky they will be. To clean up an accident you have to be sure to remove the odor or they will get confused. Water and white vinegar, or a very little bit of bleach mixed with water works well. If you have something for pet odors you may use that also.

Tips for little Piggy Owners

When you are ready to let your piggy use the whole house you will have to find out where to put the box again. I suggest leaving the box in the room you started in and put another in the room where you and the little piggy will be the most. Because you are starting with no odor in the box use a little of the soiled litter from the first box. Just like the first time you may have to move the box a time or two (be patience). If your house is really big you may need more than two at first. After a while you will be able to cut back to one. Remember this is training and every piggy is different.

You don’t need to dump the whole thing every time. Just scoop out the soiled and replace with a little fresh litter. Until they are consistent with going in the box put a little of the soiled litter back in the box so the scent stays there when you dump the whole thing.

The best thing is to start house breaking your little piggy early. They won’t be able to hold it for very long at a time until they are six months old or older. This will vary with the pig. At first take them out every hour or so. After meals and knaps is a must don’t get impatience they are babies. When you take them outside they will pick a place they like and will want to go there every time. Be sure to use the same term all the time for this feat. I use (go potty). When they are finished make a big deal out of it with a lot of good boy or good girl. You may use treats if you want. But be warned they are very smart and may learn to fake it just to get the treat. If you use the same term all the time then when you go to visit and want to curb them before going inside they will know what you want Bushes, flower beds or some place private is what they will like best. If their head is hidden they think no one can see them. Kind of funny. Remember be responsible and pick up the waste. In other words don’t be a pig be neat.

At night I suggest to put them in a small place or room with a litter box, a bed and a blanket. This takes care of two potential problems .Accidents in the house, and the piggy will learn to sleep through the night. Never give a treat during the night unless you want to get up and give a treat at the same time every night. They don’t need a watch and can tell time on the money. Next we will talk about leash training.